Saturday, December 02, 2006


My slow diatribe this early morning is how the last true passionate sport -- college football -- has alleinated its core. Over 70,000 fans will attend the BCS national championship game, with only 1/70th being true fans of America's No. 1 team. Ohio State is alloted 16,000 tickets and 15,000 are going to boosters, administrators, cronies and the dirty swine that make the sport more corrupt by the year. 1,000 for OSU students.

The problem is Troy Smith. Yeah, Mr. Heisman. A kid that took dirty money from the OSU swine. The one lining their pocketbooks. It's no wonder those scum get tickets. (Not to mention the 88 luxury boxes filled with the corporation's glorified panhandlers.)

Everyone is getting rich. Everyone besides the students. The debt-filled 20-somethings who paint their faces, pay $500 for plane tickets, $200 for a hotel and $8 a beer to see the game. A game that remains better than the Super Bowl.

The funny thing is, those kids think they're lucky. (And they are.) The saps that eat Ramen and drink Keystone to balance the budget for the long term: next semester.

At least next semester brings the next-best bastion: March Madness. They have a tournament.

As only Bill Raftery can say: "Man-to-man!"


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